About Rent Now, LLC

Rent Now, LLC has been doing business in the Fort Bragg area for 10 years. Keeping up with our homes and the homeowner is our number one priority. The main concern we always hear is how will I know if my property is being taken care of. That is easy because we will be inspecting the property every 4 months and we will email you to let you know how the property looks and inform you of any issues also provide you with pictures at your request. Monthly statements will be emailed to you so you will always know what is going on with your property. We also offer direct deposit right into your account. No more waiting for that check to come in the mail. Emails are always answered in a timely manner I would love to say within an hour but we can’t always be in front of the computer or the phone but most of the time you will get a response within 4 hours. I am very proud of how this company handles all issues we are always on top of everything and like to stay that way. Our tenants are also very happy knowing we do our best to resolve all of their issues as quick as possible. Please contact us to schedule your rental evaluation. We understand this is your investment we are here to take the stress off of you.